Associated Professor: Advance Telecommunication, Software Defined Radio 

Associated Professor: Propagation and Radiation Antenna Theory

Dr. Marcelo Segura receives his B.S. degree in electronic engineering from National University of San Juan, Argentina in 2005. In 2008, he joins the Department of Electronics Engineering (DEA) at the National University of San Juan, where he is currently an Adjunct Professor of Advance Telecommunication Systems (Software Defined Radio) and Propagation & Radiation Theory. In 2009 he got a Fulbright Scholarship for PhD research at University of Southern California, were he complete his thesis work. In 2010 he received his Ph.D Diploma from National University of San Juan. In 2012 he joint Ming Hsieh Institute, as Reserach Associated. In 2014, he got a position of Project Manager at National Research and Technical Council (CONICET) for Radio Telescope international Argentina-China project. He currently research focus includes ultra wide band communications and localization (UWB), Software Defined Radio (SDR), wireless sensor networks (WSN), Internet of Things (IoT), mobile robots self-navigations systems, industrial robots control systems, embedded systems, digital signal processing on DPS and FPGA.


Tele- monitoring of LED Street light for Smart cities.                                                         Sep 16 - Present

Teaching Digital communication with B200 USRP serial SDR boards.                                   Mar 16- Present

Software Defined Radio for Tactical Communication on VHF/UHF and SHF bands.                 Dec 16 - Present

High data rate and real time Software Defined Radio platform.                                           Oct 12-Nov 14

Cooperative Monolithic Distributed Sensors for Location over Ultra-Wideband.                     Oct 12-Nov 14

Distributed Multiuser MIMO with Full Spatial Multiplexing.                                                  Oct 12-Nov 14

USC Technology Enabled Aging Mind Center (TEAMc)                                                         Oct 12-Nov 14

Wireless biomedical signals monitoring systems for high risk patients.                                 2010-2013

Power line communications for home networks.                                                                 2008-2010

Development a Software Defined Radio UWB receiver on FPGA.                                           2008-2010

Start-Up PICT AGROBOT: Robot for precision agriculture.                                                    2007-2009

San Juan River Water monitoring.                                                                                      2006-2007

Intelligence control systems for productive process PAV-2003-076.

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